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COVID-19 and What You Can Do to Prepare Your Association.

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Please see these notes regarding associations and the recent COVID-19 situation.

"Before making a go/no-go decision for your meetings and events, Aaron Wolowiec from Event Garde recommends these steps: •           Determine who has the authority to make these decisions in your association (CEO, board, etc.) and who has the authority to make decisions for your venue/property (sales manager, director of sales, general manager, regional/national salespersons, etc.) regarding cancellation and/or rebooking. •            Check with local health officials (health departments) within your meeting location to obtain their guidance related to large gatherings in their jurisdiction. •            Closely review your contracts with venues/properties and consult with legal counsel before taking action. Look closely at force majeure, cancellation and rebooking clauses. Even without a rebooking clause, doing so may be an important negotiation strategy. •            Collect data related to the quantity and parameters of association members restricted by a travel ban. Being able to demonstrate that a significant proportion of meeting attendees are restricted by a travel ban may make a difference financially. •            Develop your cancellation ‘To Do’ list and related communications, before you actually need them. Identify someone to lead communications throughout the process."

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